Email Marketing Tools (Algorithm base)

Generate Leads With The Help Of AI Email Marketing Solution

AI Email-Marketing Tool:

This tool is used by the marketing department. They can send the mail to thousands of users with one click only. Once the user clicks on that mail, we will track the events and information of the user. Using that information we can predict the conversion probability of the user.

Execution Flow Of Application:

Step 1

The marketing team will upload the emails of users which they want to target.

Step 2

The tool will automatically send the mail to users with a tracking pixel link.

Step 3

Once the user opens and clicks on the “Interested” button in the mail. Our tracking pixel link will be activated and send that user information to our tool.

Step 4

The tool will store the user’s information and set that user as a lead. The tool will store information like: (Ip Address, GeoLocation, System Details, Operating System, Browser Information, etc)

Step 5

The marketing team can check the list of users whose lead was generated.

Step 6

The marketing team also sends the update mails to interested users.

AI in Email-Marketing Tool:

Once we have enough data on lead generation. We can create an AI program that predicts the conversion probability of lead and show it in the tool. So, the marketing team can make decisions accordingly.


AI programs assign High, Medium, and Low conversion chances to users. These details will be visible on the tool.

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